I had the pleasure recently of working with Lisa Hubschman the owner of A Simple Nest LLC who assists clients through transitioning from their homes to their next forever home whether independent living, assisted living, or skilled care living facilities. Lisa offers the peace of mind from start to finish for not only the client but their family members who are also affected by the changes.

Recently I wrote about the challenge of change and my client Ruth. Ruth has just wedged her way into all of our hearts and it was a true gift to have met Lisa as she worked to transition Ruth to New Castle Retirement Communities which was to now become her new forever home.

Although Lisa and I provide different services for Ruth and her family, we share the same foundational priorities and that is the love, compassion, care, time, effort, respect, and dignity for those we serve is always our number 1 priority and goal.

To learn more about Lisa and how a Simple Nest can be part of your transitioning team you can find her on Facebook at

I am very excited to bring Lisa’s expertise, kind heart and giving spirit to clients we serve now an in the future..