Every person that crosses our path is unique in their needs. Whether it is the client we are serving or the family member who is affected by the ever-changing state of their loved one, they all matter and we are all affected by the challenges of change.

I was reminded of this over the weekend when I went to care for Ruth. Unfortunately, Ruth and her family have been affected by the horrible disease dementia. We are transitioning her to her new forever home on the 23rd and as I sat having coffee and cinnamon rolls with Ruth as I had many times before, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of sadness. Ruth has been like family to me and my caregivers. I could not help but to embrace her from the very beginning like she was my own mother. Six days a week for as many months, she has been the best part of my day. Being able to share one hour over coffee and conversation with someone who reminded me of my relationship with my own mother has been one of the best gifts I have received in a very long time.

As Ruth transitions and I watch her daughters Kay and Gena be strong through the change, conversations go from its going to be amazing to I am hopeful but scared. We all know Ruth is going to be better off for the new move as the support that is provided will assist her and the family with the challenges and changes that come with dementia and Alzheimers.

Change is inevitable. Change is the natural process and progression of life. We must all take a deep breath and embrace what we cannot control. Support and love each other through it all. For those of us who are part of the care team for those we serve, we must always be a pillar of stability and strength and even for us, we suffer the challenge of change.

So today, as I struggle emotionally with the changes with Ruth, I am grateful for my time with her, our memories created, laughter had and to have been able to bring her and her family even a small amount of peace. We will stay connected as the change occurs for the love never ends as the journey transitions to its natural next place. Message for today, always embrace the challenge of the change.