Whereever you are today I am more than certain you will cross the path of a caregiver. Take the time to stop for a second to thank them for their service. The caregiver is the strongest link in the care team for those we have been chosen to serve. The caregiver spends countless selfless hours caring for those in need.

They are the muscle, the ears, the eyes and often times the voice for someone who no longer has the ability to be independent. Most times the caregiver spends more time with their clients than they do with their own families so appreciate the love, time, attention, respect, dignity and unwavering selfless support they are providing to those they serve.

From me to my amazing team of caregivers; I thank you, I acknowledge your amazing spirits, kind hearts, your dedication to our clients and their families, but most importantly, I acknowledge each of you and thank you for just simply being amazing in your servant work. My gratitude runs deep as I know it does from those that we care for whether the client directly or their family.