As a business owner I find myself stretched in a million different directions as I should be if I am building a successful business. I find myself most everyday rolling through a sea of different emotions. Yesterday was one of those roller coaster days….

We had a staff emergency yesterday and I found myself taking care of one of my clients; “Joe”. I have filled in a few times in the past but for some reason yesterday felt a little different to me. It felt different because I realized with the emergency that happened, that Joe was 100% reliant on our team to be there, to be present, to be on time, to be consistent and most importantly we are the reason why he is able to stay home. Without us, he can no longer do something as simple as get out of bed on his own.

As I introduced my presence to Joe and his son Mike, I felt more like I was saying Good Morning to my family and not my client. Mike was heading back home yesterday so I felt the sense urgency and protectiveness over Joe as I have many times over the past 2 years of our relationship. As Joe continues to progress in his health and we grow in our relationship and time together, I feel as if I am caring for my own father and every little detail of his care matters and is relevant. The trust he gives us to be his eyes, ears, and strength is something I know is not easy for him yet here we are everyday working together he and us to keep him at home where he wants to be.

Being a caregiver is not just a job, it is a true labor of love for another human being sometimes family, most times strangers we are hired to care for who become family. Being a caregiver means that someone trusts you and depends on you. Being a caregiver is a gift, being a servant is a calling and one I am grateful to be able to extend to not only Joe but every life we are blessed enough to serve.

Today’s blog is for my Father Ron Kelley who I lost 8 years ago. It is for every client we serve and for those to come in the future. I am grateful for your trust and my gift of servant hood.