National Nurse Assistants Week

June 13th marks the beginning of National Nurse Assistants Week. This is a week long national holiday created to acknowledge the people who dedicate so much of their time and energy in service of others. In order to qualify as a Certified Nurse Assistant, individuals are required to undergo thorough training to learn how to efficiently and effectively care for a slew of health related needs.

The first day of National Nurse Assistants Week is dedicated to Career Nurse Assistants. These are the dedicated individuals who have decided to make a career serving the well-being of others. Their selfless sacrifice comes in many different forms with varying time commitments. Many of work as little as 5 hours on up to 50+ hours in some instances.

This celebration is very dear to us because, though it is not a state requirement that Non-Medical Home Care caregivers be CNA certified, we set it as a standard that our staff either be CNA certified, or work towards becoming certified.

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