The Most Important Link in the Care Team

The Importance of CNAs

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) represent an essential part of the patient-care team. In assisting the medical staff, CNAs not only provide physical care for patients but also emotional and spiritual support, truly making a difference in the lives of patients and families. CNAs are also the eyes and ears of the clinical staff, observing their patients carefully and making sure the health care team knows of any changes.

CareBuilders and COVID-19

CareBuilders at Home in Omaha, NE, has some of the most selfless caregivers who show up every day with a servant’s heart to help those who trust us to keep them safe and home where they want to be. During this incredibly stressful time with COVID-19 all our caregivers take all precautions to keep our clients, the client’s families, and their own families safe. We could not be more grateful to our team for their dedication, love, compassion, respect, and desire to help those in need. CBaH Omaha has some of the best Superheroes!