A Message from CareBuilders at Home Omaha

With each new year that comes, we store our memories and moments and embrace the new year to come and prepare to create new ones. 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for humanity as a whole as we have all been faced with a world pandemic that changed our daily lives, how we view things, how we go about our days and how we interact with each other. For as much as the pandemic has brought us together as a nation in the truest form of humanity, we have recently been torn apart by the inhumanity of a few who decided they had the right to choose life or death for another human being.

As the owner of CareBuilders at Home in Omaha, NE I am challenged daily to hold my team together in the midst of a pandemic and discrimination. I am challenged to remind them of who they are and that no one has a right to tell them how to live their lives regardless of the color of their skin or their own personal beliefs. I am challenged daily to help caregivers who have the most genuine servants’ hearts understand racism or discrimination placed into their path by those we serve, their families, or strangers in public places. Ignorance creates so much negative in this world. At the end of the day, we all have the same creator, we all bleed the same color blood and most importantly it is not our place to judge another’s journey in this lifetime but to be a pillar within that plants seeds of hope, love, community, compassion, and peace to anyone who crosses our paths. 

We at CareBuilders at Home in Omaha, NE embrace our community, stand strong in the belief that we are a community full of kind and compassionate people regardless of the color of their skin or personal life choices and beliefs. We have shown through this pandemic and through peaceful protesting that we can be unified if we understand and respect at the end of the day that we are a human race and nothing else is relevant.

Brenda C. Ouellette, CEO
CareBuilders at Home, Omaha, NE