Our Specialized Care Services

Specialized Care Services

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Our New Wellness Program 


CareBuilders at Home has launched a new Wellness Program, a new slate of services dedicated to combating senior isolation and depression through daily engagement and monitoring. These services are provided through a new a cutting edge, voice activated, technology that transforms our clients TV into a on demand video call allowing clients to engage face to face with friends, family, and their care team at CareBuilders at Home, with just the touch of a button. 

This subscription based program provides daily “Check in & Chat” calls that provide our care team a window into the daily lives of our clients and allows us to identify changes in condition that could impact the clients overall health and wellbeing, notify the appropriate parties, and coordinate additional services if needed. 

This proactive approach to client care provides us the opportunity to be the eyes and ears for the physician, family, and our healthcare counterparts, to provide them valuable information that can help guide their treatment and ensure our clients receive the most well rounded care available. 

The Wellness Program also offers a number of additional services to make aging in place a comfortable and stress-free experience, Personal Care Visits, Housekeeping Visits, and shopping and errand-running services.  Packages are flexible, affording clients the ability to mix-and-match services to build the package that best suits their needs.


Virtual Check-Ins

CareBuilders at Home’s pioneering virtual check-ins do not require access to a computer. They are completely voice-activated and utilize a piece of technology that seniors are already familiar with: their television. This technology benefits seniors, caregivers and families alike, who can use it to video chat and stream family events like birthdays and grandchildren’s soccer games

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“Check In & Chat” Calls

Senior isolation can be destructive to both mental and physical health. These daily, 15-minute calls ensure seniors are healthy while offering them an opportunity to socialize with a friendly voice. The insights gained by these calls will be compiled into monthly reports for families and primary care physicians.



Care Management Visits

During our weekly, in person 30 minute, Care Management visit our dedicated care manager will assess the clients safety and wellbeing in their home environment to ensure all their needs are being met and/or determine if they could benefit from additional services.

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Personal Care Visits

Did you know that 80% of senior falls occur in the bathroom? Our Personal Care visits are designed to reduce our clients fall risk, and ensure their safety, while assisting them with their personal hygiene needs such as: bathing, dressing, shaving, oral care, and grooming. This task specific visit provides 90minute visit to ensure our client can navigate the bathroom at a safe pace to ensure all of their personal hygiene needs are met. (90 min duration)


Housekeeping Visits

As we age it becomes more difficult to manage household chores. During our weekly housekeeping visit we can assist our clients with those more taxing tasks such as changing the sheets, laundry, removing expired foods from the refrigerator, sanitizing the bathroom, and cleaning the floors. (2 hour visit duration)

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Medication Reminders

Many seniors have trouble remembering to take their medications as prescribed, especially after a hospital stay. During our Check in and chat call, and at other scheduled times throughout the day as needed, our care team can provide medication reminders to assist our clients to remain compliant with the medication routines. 


Shopping & Errand Services

This weekly service includes pick up and delivery of prescriptions, grocery’s, or essentials items as needed. For those clients who like to tackle these tasks themselves, one of our dedicated caregivers can provide transportation or just tag along to assist when needed.

Subscription Packages

Basic Service Package

 – 31 calls per month

Basic Services Plus Care Management 

– 31 Calls per month -Four 30-minute in-person visits

Basic + Care Management + Personal Care

– 30 calls per month

– Four 30-minute in-person visits

– Biweekly 90-minute personal care visit 

Basic + Care Management + Personal Care + Housekeeping

– 30 calls per month

– Four 30-minute in-person visits

– Biweekly 90-minute personal care visit

– 1 Weekly 90-minute housekeeping visit



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