Brenda C. Garcia — PhD, CMA, MSOM, CPM


Brenda C. Garcia is the Executive Director and Franchise owner of CareBuilders at Home in Omaha, Nebraska. After 25 + years serving patients in roles ranging from nurse’s assistant to Senior Hospital Administration. She has been caring for the elderly since the outset of her career and has developed a special ability to bring relief to seniors and their loved ones during their most difficult times. It is our mission to ensure we bring as much comfort and peace as possible to our clients and their families to be a pillar of strength in their time of need, Brenda says. We will always strive to provide the most dedicated, dependable, honest care to those we serve. Brenda started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Medication Aide in 1996 at the Millard Good Samaritan Society, a senior-care institution in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. After Brenda completed her training, her supervisor saw something special in her spirit and assigned her to the Alzheimer’s Unit, where Brenda learned the skills required to care for residents afflicted with dementia. This assignment was a gift I will always treasure, she says. While working full-time, Brenda took on the additional challenge of raising two children as a single parent while furthering her education. Brenda became a Certified Medical Assistant in 2005 upon receiving her associate degree from Vatterott College in Omaha. She continued to Bellevue University, Nebraska where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management in 2007, a master’s degree in Organizational Performance Management in 2010 and currently working on obtaining her Ph.D. in Organizational Performance Management with an emphasis in Healthcare Management. In 2009, Brenda migrated from nursing to Health Informatics, where she helped thousands of physicians, nurses, and support staff replace paper record-keeping systems with electronic databases. Thanks to her nursing background, Brenda was able to guide clinicians and their colleagues through the process of implementing new technology without losing sight of the top priority the continuity of care they provide to the patients they serve. Brenda is an avid tennis player and photographer. She enjoys scuba diving and snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, which opens an opportunity to explore a new world beneath the waves. She also loves spending time with her 3-year-old grandson Auriaun. Brenda and her team aspire to bring all their knowledge, compassion, respect, and dedication to CareBuilders at Home Omaha clients and their families. It takes a strong dedicated team of compassionate and caring individuals to give to those in need. We are grateful to have been chosen to care for those we serve.